Charcutepalooza Challenge: The Brine

When this month’s Charcutepalooza challenge was announced as Corned Beef, I was relieved that other brining options were available. I’ve got nothing against corned beef, but with leftover bacon in the freezer, and half of the prosciutto in the fridge, I was glad to take on something I could serve as a weeknight dinner. G. had already earmarked the brined pork chop recipe in Ruhlman’s book, so that was an easy choice to make.

brined pork chop with fried okra

brined pork chop with fried okra

I was surprised that the chops only needed to set in the brine for 2 hours. I’ve often done lazy marinades overnight in the fridge. But, after having cooked the pork, I wouldn’t want it any saltier.

brine mixture

preparing the brine: salt, brown sugar, juniper, garlic, sage

We picked up a cast iron fry pan this weekend, and this was the best alternative we have to grilling. We’ve had a few warm days in March, but we also saw snow this week. Not quite grilling weather.

take a bite

brined pork: cooked perfectly in cast iron

Our verdict? Delicious. Perfectly tender meat with a great deal of flavor. My small foray into brining has me seeing the potential. Perhaps I’ll try the chicken or turkey next time.

There is one member of the family who hasn’t been happy about all of this meat-making. Everything’s been too delicious to share with poor, dear, dog.

sad puppy

the saddest dog in the world

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2 Responses to Charcutepalooza Challenge: The Brine

  1. That is possibly a photo of the saddest dog in the world! However, I understand completely that you didn’t want to share! I’ve brined a bunch of things but have never tried the pork chops – your results definitely look like it’s a worthwhile exercise!

  2. nicole says:

    awwwww poor doggie!

    that pork looks incredible!

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