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Cocoa Rubbed Pork with Smothered Onions

It’s been a warm November, but this weekend there was a distinct chill in the air. What better way to warm up than cocoa? So here’s another great roast for the slow cooker. I adapted this for the slow cooker … Continue reading

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DIY Chalkboard Spice Jar

Last week I took a look at salt & pepper sets. This week, I went ahead and created my own with a pair of pine nut jars, chalkboard paint, and elbow grease. Let the bottles sit in hot water. Remove … Continue reading

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Coq For Two

Oh la la, file this under romantic dinners for two. I saw a recipe for “Quick Coq au Vin” in last month’s Bon Appetite, which is a shame, because this is not a difficult dish. I’ve also seen (and been … Continue reading

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Marmalade Sticky Buns with Orange Bitters Frosting

Sticky buns are always so tempting at the cafe counter- gooey, dripping with brown sugar filling and sugar frosting. But, they are also an invitation for a sugar coma. As much as I love sweet, I usually want something a … Continue reading

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Apple Brandy Apple Butter

I did a bad thing. Well, a very good thing in terms of flavor. I added Apple Jack to my most recent batch of apple butter. For the last two years, I’ve been going to Apple Crest Farms in NH … Continue reading

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Rosemary Potato Chips

Yesterday’s recipe for Cider Braised Short Ribs raised a question from a friend – how did you make those chips? It’s really quite easy. It’s not a healthy version by any means, but perfectly crispy chips are the reward. Using … Continue reading

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Cider Braised Short Ribs

I don’t cook beef often. I grew up eating a lot of grizzly, burnt steak that has turned me (unfairly) against red meat. I do appreciate a nice piece of rare meat on occasion, though it’s something I like to … Continue reading

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The Great Salt & Pepper Shake Up

I’ve been looking for a salt & pepper shaker for a few months, not particularly on the hunt, but I’ve yet to find something that has grabbed my fancy. So many sets veer too far towards kitsch, or are completely … Continue reading

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Brown Sugar Roast Pork with Apple Stuffing

I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of my slow cooker this fall: chili, pulled pork, and several roasts.  The slow cooker saves on my gas bill, and because I have a model with a built-in meat thermometer, it’s … Continue reading

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Cider Beignets with Maple Sugar

A few months ago Boston was sponsoring a food truck contest; they would help the winning business with loans and other assistance. I daydreamed a bit, but didn’t submit an application. It was fun to create an imaginary menu —  … Continue reading

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